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Performance Of Fiber Optic Connectors

  Performance of fiber optic connectors

  The performance of optical fiber connectors, first of all optical performance, in addition to the optical fiber connector interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and the number of plug-and-pull.

  (1) Optical properties: For optical fiber connectors, the optical performance requirements, mainly the insertion loss and return loss of the two basic parameters.

  Insertion loss (Insertion loss) is the connection loss, which is the loss of the effective optical power of the link caused by the introduction of the connector. The smaller the insertion loss, the better the general requirements should not be greater than 0.5dB.

  Return loss (return loss, Reflection loss) is the ability of the connector to reflect the link light power, and its typical value should not be less than 25dB. The actual application of the connector, the needle surface through a special polishing treatment, can make the return loss of greater, generally not less than 45dB.

  (2) interchangeability, repeatability

  Fiber optic connectors are common passive devices, for the same type of fiber optic connectors, can be used in any combination, and can be reused for many times, the additional loss of imports is generally less than 0.2dB.

  (3) Tensile strength

  For a good optical fiber connector, the general requirements of its tensile strength should not be less than 90N.

  (4) temperature

  General requirements, fiber optic connectors must be at the 40 temperature can be used normally.

  (5) Number of Inserts

  Currently used fiber connectors can generally be inserted more than 1000 times.