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Spider BracketAngle Adjustment Is Very Flexible

Tencent digital news market is now a lot of types of stents, all kinds of colors, the choice of friends is very rich. So what is the characteristics of this bracket? In fact, Xiaobian feel that this product for the love of curiosity users, there may be a little attractive. Because the shape is very bright, the shape of the spider as a prototype. And it is well known that the activities of the spider is very flexible, this product will also retain the six spider legs of this feature. Each spider leg has two joint design, making the product angle adjustment is very flexible, the user can adjust the angle according to the use of demand.

And this product is aluminum and plastic materials, lightweight design. Can be used with mobile phones, flat and SLR. Which with different products with the user can design their own. Which with the use of SLR, the appearance and the most similar to the spider. In order to protect the equipment, the bracket has a rubber pad, easy to slide and friction.

The stand design stands at a height of 12.5 cm and the middle product is partially 10 cm in length and 19 cm in length.

From the appearance point of view, is a magnified spider model, but did not use eight feet of the design, but six claws, so that does not affect the function under the premise of more concise, reducing the cumbersome operation process. Made of reinforced plastic, aluminum fixture, which can meet the foot of the various bending and angle changes

Special splint surface with a layer of soft plastic, not only anti-skid, but also to protect the product surface is not worn, this plywood to support various models of iPad, iPhone, camera.

In addition, the stent of each foot are designed a small hook, to strengthen the stability of the fixed point to seize!