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Stainless Steel 304 Wire What Are The Specifications Of The Material?

What are the specifications of Stainless Steel 304 Wire?

Stainless Steel 304 Wire is the main component of carbon ≤ 0.08, silicon ≤ 1.00, manganese ≤ 2.00, phosphorus ≤ 0.045, sulfur 0.03, nickel 8.0-10.5, chromium 18-20, in front of several metals can be ignored, it is important to contain nickel 8.0 -10.5 Chrome 18-20 As far as I know now the mainstream city has been very little nickel 8.0-10.5, and now the basic nickel-containing 7.0-7.5 or so, the import of finished products are better than domestic, such as Japan SUS304, where I Teach you a few distinction between Stainless Steel 304 Wire.

Stainless Steel 304 Wire how to identify it?

(1) to the market hardware store to buy a Ni7 chemical syrup, a 9V small battery, the drops of medicine drops on top of stainless steel, and then the battery of a (positive +) point in the stainless steel above a (negative -) point in the chemical syrup Inside, and then look at its reaction, if there is no reaction to reverse the battery electrode try again, with the reaction to see the color of stainless steel surface syrup, color yellow to red, syrup pale yellow and white are considered Stainless Steel 304 Wire, and more red The more nickel Ni, the better the stainless steel, on the contrary, no color, the gray is not really 304 stainless steel.

(2) If the market does not have Ni7 chemical syrup, you can make a simple and super-practical syrup directly at home (this method is very accurate, accurate 100%) first go to the caretaker maintenance file to buy a battery of the original liquid , Remember, is the original filling fluid, not a replenisher. If the home has a waste car can also be a wet battery, so the car with a wet battery inside the water can also be directly with the battery inside the battery water, followed to the pharmacy to buy an ordinary eye drops, the water inside the drained, And then add the battery inside the battery inside the battery, the original liquid can also be the basic requirements but also a 9V small battery, positive and negative chrome iron with two copper wire head out, so a Stainless Steel 304 Wire steel line Release the battery on the surface of stainless steel, and then a 9V battery power, the electrode one (positive +) point in the stainless steel surface, a (negative -) point in the surface of the stainless steel, Potion inside, do not put the battery short circuit, and if there is no response to the battery reverse electrode try again, with the reaction to see the color of the syrup, the color from red to yellow to no, the original battery charge and Ni7 syrup just the opposite color red Not the Stainless Steel 304 Wire, Stainless Steel 304 Wire without color 301 yellowish, the more the more the color of the red water, the more red the syrup is not 3 series of stainless steel, is 2 series, 201 to 202 stainless steel 200.

(3) relatively a lot of people, the electric hand mill is more common to identify the 304 stainless steel line of practice, if it is a master, 301,201,202,316 through nothing, you can directly use the hand mill to identify, to learn this, to have Experience is Caixing. Electric hand mill to see sparks, sparks out of the break is 201, the better point is 202, no matter how good is the 301,304 is the standard spark, Stainless Steel 304 Wire spark is straight, long Of the article, split the very few.