Powder Coated PC CM150 Cable Baskets

Powder Coated PC CM150 Cable Baskets
Product Details

1.Loading capability of Vichnet wire baskets(Kg/meter)

CM100((height=100mm,wire diameter=5mm)


2.Vichnet Advantages

★ Vichnet is the only Manufacturer certificated with UL CE for Wire Mesh Cable Tray in China.
★ 10 Years warranty for Wire Mesh Cable Tray and Optical Fiber Cable Tray.
★ ISO9001, GMC approved management system for Wire Mesh Cable Tray.
★ The appointed supplier of Google, Microsoft, SIEMENS, ADM, COCACOL.
★ The first Wire Mesh Cable Tray manufacturer applied MFDC for welding.
★ Customers spread over 100 countries, even in Japan market.
Advantages for power coated wire mesh cable tray
★ We draw down 8mm wire to 5mm to smooth and strengthen the wire.
★ There is no tolerance of our tray size and wire diameter.
★ Our zinc coating is non-toxic and 60μ up, surface uniform.
★ Environmental protection, and it can be passed Rohs test.
★ Most of our clients come to us from other suppliers because the powder coating quality problem.

I need different colors wire mesh cable tray can you help me? Vichnet PC Cable Baskets have many different colors ,and have more than 60um coating so corrosion resistance.

1423211220624318.jpgVichnet China is mainly focusing on the cable trays installation. 10 years warranty for Wire Mesh Cable Trays and Optical Fiber Cable Trays.
Improve the system upgrades and maintenance capabilities, left the room for upgrades. Can be very good and compatible with other types of cable trays, saving the cost of expensive duplication of investment in the second . Room often will decrease or change equipment, in the meantime it will be removed or additional cables, and the use of open mesh structure can maximize observed cable trays, so it is easy to identify the need to replace the cable, making maintenance and repair work easy.
Can be flexibly applied in cabling system for wiring the cable trays go up and down the line. Cable tasys product without any custom elbows, tees and other components, can be made into various forms depending on the actual situation of the construction. This feature is for designers and installers who are very simple and can significantly reduce installation time.
Cooling mesh structure to make it better, overhaul effectively extend the service life of cables, lines and equipment is very fast and safe. Cable trays is open, the cable natural ventilation, the heat will not come, the temperature will not rise in the cable trays. Therefore, to optimize cable performance, you can use a smaller cross-sectional area of the cable, which reduces cable procurement costs.
Cable Trays, although light, but not at the expense of the most important bearing performance. Cable trays with a diameter of 4mm-6mm high quality steel wire optimize the allocation mix based on the principles of mechanics, and special customized vertical and horizontal welding machine for welding and side cross strings and the top chord T-welding to achieve each solder joint can withstand 500 kg of tension. T-T-type safety edge is formed by welding a global patent grid-type bridge, avoiding the sharp welding end point, not only to protect the cables, construction and installation of more security personnel.

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